What if…

The other day I got a note from someone wanting some help, shifting energy. People will usually come to me for a safe place to talk about things they don’t feel comfortable sharing with others. They know I will listen, without judging and then present the question, WHAT IF?

The power in “what if” is awesome. It’s a gateway to possibility.

What if we…
Jumped up and down and danced when we were happy.
Cried when we felt sad or hurt.
Asked questions when we were confused or unsure.
Didn’t speak or eat for a day.
Smiled for an hour straight.
Called someone out of the blue to say “I love you,” “I miss you,” “I’m sorry or I forgive you.”
Didn’t need a particular response from someone else to accomplish our intent.
Visited a senior center to drop off a card to someone that never gets visitors.
Complimented ourselves out loud every time we saw our reflection.
Tried something new every day.
Said yes!
Said no.

What if we didn’t judge so much but instead gave ourselves the freedom to experience life as a human being and gave others permission to do the same?

What if we started right now?

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