Ease anxiety with massage? How Touching!

In my wellness program, Coming To Your Senses, I share how I was able to arrive at peace and self love through the conscious use of my five senses. I’ve covered many ways to wellness on this blog but this post is about one of the modalities that I’ve done a lot of research on and one that I love to engage in, but one that I’ve not written much about… 


Previously, I’ve posted about hugs, which also fall into this category but this post is about massage therapy. You can check out the post I did on Aromatouch which is a beautiful technique that focuses on using essential oils. (I am such a HUGE lover of essential oils that I became an independent Wellness Advocate for Doterra.) But there are many types of massage and each offers wonderful benefits. Massage has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. One of the many things my mom Carmen (La Loca) had an avid interest in. She was a certified masseuse and actually taught a class a the Y in the 1970’s. Well I LOVE me some massage and it has recently called to my attention quite a bit.

Researchers have found what happens to muscles when a masseur goes to work on them. Here were some great points:

  • Massage reduced the production of compounds called cytokines.  (Cytokines interact with cells of the immune system in order to regulate the body’s response to disease and infection AND play a critical role in inflammation.)
  • Massage stimulated mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses inside cells that convert glucose
    into the energy essential for cell function and repair.
  • Massage works quite differently from anti-inflammatory drugs, which reduce inflammation and pain but
    may actually retard healing. “With massage, you can have your cake and eat it too—massage can suppress inflammation
    and actually enhance cell recovery.”
  • Getting a massage from a professional masseur is obviously more expensive than taking an aspirin. But, as Dr. Field points out, massage techniques can be taught. “People within families can learn to massage each other,” she said. “If you can teach parents to massage kids, couples to massage each other. This can be cost effective.”

So we know why it’s good for the body but did you know that…

Research is also showing us that massage therapy can help in varying populations with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Quality of sleep

Speaking of anxiety… Valentines Day is fast approaching and there is so much focus on romance but I wanted to post about the kinds of love that can be celebrated every day, with or without a partner.  We are physical beings and touch can be such a special way to express love as well as promote physical wellness. So, treat yourself to some love.  Short on cash but got a skill or product? Try exchanging it for a massage! I’ve seen posts on craigslist where masseuses are willing to barter services. Give a massage, get a massage…  touch and be touched! Spread the love.

Craigslist is still one of the most popular sites on the Internet. If you have never checked it out, you should… With CAUTION. Craigslist can be an excellent site for searching jobs or for finding just about anything. So find what you need, be safe and have fun!


Peace and blessings.

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