Time Management for Small Business Owners, Moms & Busy Chingonas!

#4. Turn off Social Media! This may seem like a no brainer to some and like an impossible feat for others. We suggest implementing device free days whenever possible. If you cannot get offline completely, at least try to turn off notifications.

#3. Prioritize! Figure out what you want out of life. Understand that there is always a way to get where you want to go but most people aren’t even sure where to start. Start at the beginning. Only you can decide what you want your life to feel like. Once you figure out the what and why… the how will make itself clear.

#2. Get social on purpose. We previously featured a video  about using social media to grow your business. As a social media manager and consultant, I totally understand the need to be online. So, this tip is all about being wise about the time you spend online. If it’s personal, mute the voices that cause you to feel anxious of struggle. If it’s for business, be strategic. In both cases, be disciplined with the amount of time that you are spending.

#1. Write it down. This blog is full of reasons to write. I won’t elaborate too much on this post but suffice to say, it’s important.

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