The Group Coaching Junto

Grow in your confidence, and guilt-free happiness, with the Reina of Unconditional Self-Worth! The group coaching Junto is back in full effect again.

If you’re ready to start living a more satisfying life, don’t sleep over n the chance to join this group. Members have manifested new homes, new jobs, new relationships and new outlooks on life. This could be YOU in 12- weeks! 

You’ll get weekly live coaching delivered live by me – on Zoom. Each call is from 30 to 45 mins long.

Inside the Junto community, you’ll be supported by team members and peers who are on this journey with you – This community stays open 24/7! This space is the ultimate gathering place for like minded chingonas to keep it real, share news, work through solutions and network!

Reserve your seat NOW!

The crazy thing is that this program comes to you for about $22.50 per week, which is almost 90% off of my one-on-one sessions.

This only happens 2 times a year. The new session starts April 2, 2022 and runs for 12 weeks. Don’t wait to grab your seat. Because of the intimate nature of the group, seating is limited. Don’t miss out.