The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

My intention is always to share ideas, stories and resources with you that can change your life for the better. Don’t quite know what that means? It’s ok! If you are here, it’s because you were meant to be.

Abundant living through a positive mindset and affirmative word.

This playlist has been created exclusively for YOU! If you really want to EXPERIENCE abundant living, open your mind and have a listen. These videos live on Youtube, don’t forget to subscribe.

This book is almost 100 years old and I still love it. Florence Scovel Shinn was an artist, a teacher and a woman WAY ahead of her time. Her books can be a transformational tool in the life of anyone seeking to harness the power of thought and word. They are profound, full of wisdom and have inspired thousands of people for several decades.

The videos above are a playlist I have put together for you. There are eleven chapters and each of them contains real-life stories that demonstrate how what we think and say contribute to our ability to control our life conditions.


Let me repeat that in another way…


You may be thinking to yourself, “what about where we were born and the cards that we have been handed?” Well, this is just one of several books that I want to share with you about how we can release abundance through a knowledge of spiritual law.  

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