Manifesting An Awesome Life

Are you struggling with your finances and know it’s time to change your relationship with money so that you can finally live a life you love?.

This course is based on a book that changed my life when I was in EXACTLY the same spot as you are today. I wasn’t sure about my job or even where or how I was going to live as a single mom, with three kids, in Los Angeles.

It’s been a journey but today I own my own business and we help amazing women (and the occasional unicorn), every single day to achieve the kind of freedom that comes from not having to worry about many things, including money.

And we are so happy to share this process with you, without costing you a DIME.

About this course:

– It’s a short course, which means your outlook on life could look very different in 30 days.

– You don’t need any special skills.

– It’s FREE!

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