How to get people to your next event.

Tip #1 for US is Location.  This may not be traditional. As a matter of fact some people HAVE to start with the date. We travel quite a bit and our collaborations often start out with people reaching out to us with a location already in mind.  So LOCATION is what usually, tops our list.

Tip #2, is date and time. This seems like a no brainer to most but in this video, I am addressing people that want to have a money making event. I know that some people are not comfortable with talking about money but the fact of the matter is that businesses exist to make money. When we invite our vendors, especially the ones with huge followings, we want them to be successful. We  want all the hard work that we do to be worth it and we want all the hard wok everyone puts in to be rewarded.

Tip #3, is NETWORKING.  Collaborations and Influencers can make or break an event. You have to build relationships with people. We barely scratch the surface about this but it’s so important. We are definitely going to make another video about it.

Tip #4, is Event Marketing. Whether it’s personal or business, you still need enough time to build the excitement.

Tip #5, is FOLLOW UP.  This is where Sparkles truly shines. Following up is one of the most important step in making sure people show up to your event. If the “cast” or “main players” of your event don’t show, you will be known as a flake so it’s important to make sure the people you have reached out to show up!

Hope you enjoyed these tips. We will be making more of these videos if they are requested.

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