How to Attract Money By Cleaning Out Your Wallet!

Here are some “Feng Shui/Law of Attraction,” wallet makeover, techniques that you can use to enhance your ability to attract money. HAVE SOME FUN! This is all about vibe…

Welcome to another one of my lessons! If you haven’t yet checked out my video about losing and finding my wallet, you should! If you’ve already watched, skip the video and learn how you can give your wallet a makeover too!

Start by honoring your money with a functional and attractive place to hold it. Remember, your wallet is the place your money lives. Design the space like you would your home… Consider that color has a powerful impact on mood. Decorate with mindfulness and you can enhance the vibration and power of your wallet.

Now that you know what color you are working with, you are ready to get started on the inside

Step 1. Clean Out and Organize.  

Remove all the old invoices, receipts and bank statements; they hold the energy of spending and of money going out. Organize your credit cards; consider reducing how many you have, especially if they are causing an energetic drain on your finances. Do not keep junk, like candy wrappers or old/expired cards of any kind in your wallet.

Step 2. Add CASH.

Always keep your wallet packed with money because it is a symbol of abundance. If you have dollar bills and coins, you are blessed. You HAVE money! Like attracts Like. Avoid an empty wallet.

Step 3. Add Affirmations.

I am a big believer in the written word and this blog is full of affirmations. You can choose “I AM” affirmations, scriptures, poems… Anything that brings you joy, promotes gratitude and reminds you of your worth is good. I chose to write my affirmations on a red card with a gold pen.

Step 4. Add Crystals.

If you are like me, every once in a while, you want a reminder to think optimistically about your wealth, prosperity and good fortune. Crystals are the perfect tools to help you get in touch with dreams and manifest them into reality. The list below contains affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own. The top crystals for attracting wealth are:

Step 5. Add Aromatherapy.

I used a cinnamon stick but you can easily use a mist of oil and water or even beautiful piece of fabric doused in oil to incorporate the money pleasing smell you enjoy most. Prosperity oils are the mood enhancers meant to promote good feelings and attraction. Like attracts like, so when you feel good, good things seem to naturally come your way. You can shop the oils I love at

The top essential oils for attracting wealth are:

  • MYRRH 
  • CLOVE 

Step 6. Pay attention.

Keep your wallet in a safe place. When at home keep it in the same spot. When traveling, always keep your wallet within reach. This may seem like common sense but sometimes we take the simplest things for granted. Respecting what we have allows us to demonstrate our reverence for the source of all good things.

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