Affirmations, Belief and Hustle.

Manifest an Awesome Life: Affirmations, Belief and Hustle.

Affirmations, Belief and Hustle.
Affirmations, Belief and Hustle. Photo by Carmen Peña of One Love PhotogSATX

I have an amazing life. I am healthy, surrounded by love and able to do what I am passionate about on a daily basis. The truth is that life is not always easy. Like everyone else, I have challenges and have to face them. I’m grateful to know that I am not made of glass. I am strong and I’m smart. I’ve survived, thrived and am always moving adelante. People ask me how I can remain so positive. The answer is that I train for it. I train my mind, body, and spirit for success. There are a few tools that I have picked up along my journey to co-creating my life and affirmations are one of my favorites.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are pure statements of creation so we must be very careful with our words. Choosing to speak only those words which work towards our benefit and cultivate our highest good is a necessary tool in our ability to manifest an awesome life.
Watch this quick video where I explain a bit about affirmations.
For more tips on using words to manifest an awesome life, check out these postsLearn the benefits and make a habit of implementing daily positive thoughts and words to speak your best life into existence. Remember that words must be backed by belief and followed up with action.

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