What it means to Become Your Best Self

Real talk on what it takes to truly live your best life. It may not always be easy but it’s truly worth the work. YOU are worth the work!

I get inspired to go LIVE in my car, a lot. It may seem crazy but I do live in Los Angeles and spending time in our cars is the norm. On this day, I thought, why wait to set up a studio, why not just record when the spirit hits me?

On this particular day, the Spirit hit me after meeting with a friend who just retired from a job that she’d worked for 20 years. We started talking about our lives, our lessons and our many blessing. Then we got to talking about our kids and how to inspire them to live a life that’s beyond  mediocrity.

To be honest, mediocrity scares the shit out of me. I am at peace with others choosing it, but most don’t. Most of us SETLLE for it. We live complacent, mediocre lives and wonder why we are miserable. I am not saying this is everyone’s situation but it was MY EXPERIENCE and it’s what lead me to have panic attacks and anxiety. Climbing out of that life was a beast but it was also an amazing time of growth.

If you serendipitously happened upon this page, I hope it inspires you to examine how you’re living your life and if in fact you are committed to living your best life.

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4 thoughts on “What it means to Become Your Best Self”

  1. miriam ganley

    You have a wonderful way of raising the spirit and clearly expressing your thoughts . Many blessings.
    I found you serendipitously. First with your abundance prayer and then looked up your web site.
    Carry on…..

    1. Ahhh! I super appreciate this comment and I am happy you chose to check out the rest of my site. I feel that during my darkest times, the Universe brought me to such healing. And indeed, I am still growing.

      1. Elizabeth Carson Maiden Aviles

        Hello Angel!

        I am reading about your life story how interesting. I am an Aviles. My dad name is Roland Aviles, I have several sister One Being Beverly Aviles. We are supposed to be related, I don’t know exactly by way of which relative but it’s wonderful to see a great young-lady, grow into a beautiful woman. Much Love!

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