Art Inspired Art: The latest pieces inspired by Mi Vida Loca din 2017

As always, I am honored to find pieces done by artists from all ages, experiences, and walks of life.  Here are just a few:

This beauty was posted by the artist, Donnie Graciado, to my Facebook wall.

Water color piece done by artist Donnie Graciado AVLO.
Watercolor piece by artist Donnie Graciado AVLO.

This one floored me. This is actually a screen cap of a short little video on Instagram I saw posted by the artist @oldiestatts408925

La Mousie. Art by @oldiestatts408925

It’s hard to believe this oil painting by Nina Rivera is her first work in this style.

Sadgirl by Nina Rivera

This piece makes me smile. @wickedbonesart uses color so beautifully in all her work.

Mi Vida Loca by WickedBones Art

I love how NITEOWL ARTE says he just did this sketch while he was on break at work. This is his passion because it will not… It CAN not be stopped!! I love it. Found on Instagram by @chicano_arts 

Sadgirl by NightOwl Arte

So, here you have just some my latest finds. I love updating this type of post because there are so many people out there making incredible art. If you want to see some of my previous finds, check out THIS LINK. 

If you run across any artist that you think I should feature, please let me know.

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