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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a dear friend. The wedding took place in a small town in Texas. In my toast, I spoke of the times we had written down our dreams and how I was standing as a witness to her dreams come true. The truth is that over the last few years, we have had so many of our dreams come true and I feel truly blessed. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll know how much I believe in the power of words to transform lives.  I wanted to share with you some of the tips we used in the affirmation exercises we’ve practiced.

• Take notice of your own negative self-talk and then transform it into positive statements. For instance turn “I always pick the wrong type of mate” to “I am learning to make incredible choices so I pick the right type of mate.” “I am afraid to…” to “I find the strength to…”

• Use Both Hands. When we write something with a pen or pencil, we instinctively perform this task with our dominant hand. But did you know you stimulate both sides of your brain when you write with both hands?

• Write several sets. An example of a set is: 3-3-3, which means that an affirmation is written nine times, three with the dominant hand, three times with the non-dominant hand, and three more times with the dominant hand.

• Write it different ways. Longhand, other languages you speak, all caps, script, typed…

• Finally, if you can, share your affirmations with a trusted friend. Be proud of and speak your affirmations out loud.

As I mentioned in my post from 2011 Why? Because I said so!

An affirmation is a declaration that something is true. Transforming your life through affirmation is possible but may require a bit of work. Some of you struggle with the negative things you have been programmed to believe. Writing affirmations without feeling good will do little to change your life. Thoughts evoke feelings and then those feelings power additional thoughts, actions, and results. Without feeling good, we might just as well do nothing. You may struggle with affirmations because you feel fake. There is HOPE for you.

If you cannot arrive at your affirmations from a TRUE place, try writing a letter to yourself from the future. Tell yourself where you are and remind yourself that the limitations you placed on yourself were temporary. I cannot express enough HOW EFFECTIVE this technique can be in bringing relief of anxiety. Anything from love sickness to bankruptcy, realize that your future self has already overcome. Your future self lives in the place of your dreams and is unlimited, wise and at peace. Feel free to ask questions or even ask your future self to write your affirmations!

Have fun. Be bold. Share your victories!

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