21 Day Abundance Challenge Day 2

Day 2: The Source of All Abundance

CENTERING THOUGHT * I create my personal abundance from an infinite source * MANTRA Aham Brahmasmi (I AM ONE WITH GOD/SOURCE/UNIVERSAL LOVE). This mantra affirms the universality of your individuality. It means “I am the wholeness of existence; my consciousness is the same as the consciousness of the universe.” This mantra affirms that the true nature of your Self is the wholeness of the universe. Your being resonates as the truth of cosmic existence.


The task for Day 2: Write all of your debts in your notebook. Debt on a bank account, credit cards, loans, debts to individuals, court debts – all of your debts, of any kind. No need to record the amount, only to whom and for what. For example: a mortgage, a car loan, a credit card, school loan, re-payment of loan to relative, etc. Now add your monthly expenses. Add to the list things like groceries, rent, gas, retirement or savings accounts (pay yourself first), self care. For some, this list will be extensive. Give yourself time to calmly walk through all the areas of your life in which you pay money. You may need to add what you remember even throughout the day. Your awareness of these items is not linked to any feelings of anxiety now. You are on an abundance journey. Allow yourself the luxury of peace that comes from knowing all your needs are met.


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