21 Day Abundance Challenge Day 8

Day 8: Abundance and the Law of Pure Potentiality

CENTERING THOUGHT * Through the law of pure potentiality I can create anything anytime anywhere * MANTRA Om Bhavam Namah (I am one with absolute existence.)


The task for Day 8: Find at least 5 receipts or invoices in which you have invested in yourself, and write on each one:

“Everything that I invest in myself will return to me 7 times.”

These can be receipts of any kind. For example:

  • supermarket
  • restaurant
  • gifts
  • gas
  • medical bills
  • rent
  • business expenses

From now on, whatever you buy, write on the receipt, the invoice, or bill this statement. If you pay your bills online. Say this phrase out loud when paying!

“All that is invested is good and will return to itself seven times” 


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