21 Day Abundance Challenge Day 6

Day 6: The Seeds of Success

CENTERING THOUGHT * Everything I desire is within me* MANTRA Ram (Stop, stand still, rest, rejoice, be pleased)


The task for Day 6: This is the longest in our journey, it can take about an *hour*.  I call it the affirmative,”love note.”

Here is the recommended text as it was passed from the Chopra Center:

Today I (your full name), start to create a new relationship with money. Money is good, clean and useful for my growth, satisfaction, and well-being. Money brings positive things into my life. The success that I have will bring money and wealth for me and for those close to me. I deserve to be prosperous and have plenty of money. Money is my friend and the value of what I invest in increases every day. Success and money accompany me, here and now. I ask my ancestors who had difficulty due to lack of money to bless me and to give me permission to live differently. And I ask my prosperous forefathers and foremothers to inspire me.

You are invited to add your personality to it. Make it your own! while making sure you maintain the main parts, where you declare, make peace, share the goods, affirm intentions, connect to your guidance, nature and life etc.

This was MY NOTE:

Money is good, useful and necessary for my prosperity and growth.Money brings positive things to my life. The success that I experience in life brings money and happiness, for my loved ones and me. I deserve to flourish and have a lot of money. Money is energy that aligns with my energy. I am committed to living on and with purpose. I am wise with money and the value of my investments in it is growing every day. Success and money accompany me, here and now. I ask my parents, grandparents, and ancestors to the very origins of my lineage, whoever had difficulties due to lack of money, to bless me, release me and give me permission to live differently. I ask my people, angels, and guides, who live in abundance and to inspire and encourage me towards prosperity. Having Money is my divine birthright. I am open to receive and accept all gifts from God, Universe, Source. 

You are called to write your final version 12 times!

After that, it’s recommended that you record yourself reading this statement with soul, expression and sense of attachment, i.e.  sincerely, on audio or video. 

Congratulations to all of you who have created their own abundant groups!


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