21 Day Abundance Challenge Day 5

Day 5: The Field of All Possibilities

CENTERING THOUGHT * Today, I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I can dream * MANTRA Sat Chit Ananda


The task for Day 5: From today, you will be responsible for your OWN abundance group. This task can bring up lots of resistance and can be frightening for some, for the extra commitment in a life already full of tribulations may seem daunting. But, mainly, it is the ego and its fear of rejection that is the main issue, or perhaps the silent competition with its own representation… BUT I am confident that if I can do it, you can too! Every day, you will conduct your group through tasks from 0 to 21 days, just like you get them from here and continue to receive. How to create the group?  Here are some ideas….

  • Name the Group 21 days of Abundance (do this the day before your decided start date)
  • Choose a photo for a profile picture that is representative of abundance to you (do this the day before your decided start date)
  • Invite people! Just as I did with you. It is important to explain the Group’s intention and make it clear that the group members will have daily tasks and deadlines for delivery. Be clear, everyone should understand what they are committing to. You can copy the rules from my INTRO POST. Explain what is is about, and tell the people they are welcome to stay or leave.
  • Set a start date 5-7 days ahead of today, so that people have the opportunity to respond and decide.
  • Use whatever platform feel comfortable to you: Instagram, e-mail, Messenger, WhatsApp.

If no one wants to join your group, that is perfectly fine, today’s task is simply to send out an invitation to as many people as you think may be interested, and then to be ready to form and facilitate the group when the starting date arrives. You are not responsible for who is ready to embark on this journey, you are only responsible to SHARE what you are learning.

From Deepak chopra on Collective visioning: “When you have a group of people who have a vision together that Create a group for wealth consciousness with maximum diversity of people….who sit and incubate together with attention and intention, then emergence happens. It just happens. The emergence of abundance, in this case.” (The Metaphysics of Money – The 7 Laws of Abundance)


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