21 Day Abundance Challenge Day 3

Day 3: Mind, Matter, and Spirit

CENTERING THOUGHT * Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life * MANTRA Sat Chit Ananada (Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss) Sat means “absolute existence” or “truth.” Chit is the principle of knowing – of being conscious or aware. Ananda indicates the qualities of joy, fulfillment, and love in their transcendent form. Altogether, Sat Chit Ananda describes the full reality of our true Self: who we really are.


The task for Day 3: Draw notes, checks, stocks, bonds, notes, coins, and any other means of payment in your beautiful notebook. Draw so much to pay off all the debts and expenses you wrote down yesterday.  Now you have complete freedom to create and draw a solution.  We draw in order to make it possible to pay for everything you need in the universe! Use your imagination, your creativity and felt-tip pens, pencils or paints etc. Draw bills, coins, wads of money, bags of money, rain of money – whatever you want! Remember, this is not about a drawing lesson, but about allowing yourself to create your reality and let it manifest into your life. While you are busy designing and coloring, feel the satisfaction of creating a balance between debts and expenses and the means of payment that you create – as if it were a real payment of your expenses and debts. Have fun with it!  

My drawing…


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