21 Day Abundance Challenge Day 15

Day 15: Living Synchrodestiny

CENTERING THOUGHT * As I live in present moment awareness I live the magic of synchrodestiny. * Mantra Aham Bramasmi

Task for Day 15: Write a letter of gratitude and recognition to a person who you think hurt you at some point in life. Meditate so that the image of this person comes to you. More than one person may appear.  But today we write a letter to only one. Before you sit down to write, cleanse yourself of negative emotions towards this person. If you still have resentment or anger, you can separately write down all these feelings for them on paper and then burn or tear the sheet to shreds. It is important not to feel hostility towards a person when you write a letter of thanks to them. Write this letter on a piece of paper. Writing by hand for this exercise is important! 

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