21 Day Abundance Challenge Day 14

Day 14: Abundance and the Law of Dharma

CENTERING THOUGHT * There is a way I can fulfill my true purpose in life. * MANTRA Om Varunam Nama ( My life is in harmony with cosmic law.)


Day 14 Task: Enjoy this day, noticing the generous gifts of the world that surround us, seek us, and ask us to notice and accept them. Seek, find, accept and give thanks for each of them. At the end of the day, write down at least three paths / sources through which abundance has come to you today. Even if it was something very small.Day 14 Task:

Watch this short video:

Write down 3 cases when you deprived someone of the opportunity to learn his/her lesson. Think of examples such as enabling a friend, or doing a task for a child instead of patiently helping or showing them how, etc. I 

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