21 Day Abundance Challenge Day 1

Day 1: The Reality of Abundance

In this meditation, Deepak Chopra explains the reality of abundance, and how we can begin to open our eyes to the abundance that is already before us. CENTERING THOUGHT * Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.* MANTRA So Hum (I AM) I am.” This mantra affirms our existence as pure awareness. We are not our body, mind, or ego – we simply are.


The task for Day 1: List 50 individuals, alive or dead, known or unknown, who have influenced your life in a positive manner. Don’t get stuck on this. Beyond family members, friends or teachers, there are the authors of books you have read, musicians, historical figures or fictional characters… Do NOT judge your who or why. This is about waking up your consciousness to the abundance of influence around you. Open up to the flow.

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3 thoughts on “21 Day Abundance Challenge Day 1”

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  2. Day one done…I could have gone way past 50 by the end of the exercise, but when I started I didn’t think I could name 50, pretty amazing!

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